These truly unique French antique ear pendants from ca 1870 have been beautifully designed and amazingly handcrafted. The black enamel base has been decorated with Putti , and floral designs with colors ranging from pink, blue, green and yellow. The upper circular disk is embellished by a centrally set old mine diamond, the 18 karat gold back connected to a curved hook which secures the earring to the ear. Flexibly connected between the upper and lower part of the earring are 3 old mine cut diamonds bezel set in yellow gold and from these also flexibly connected is the round enameled sphere set with one old mine diamond on one side and a bright ruby on the other. The upper part of the earring measures 12.95 millimeters in diameter while the lower round sphere measures 18.95 millimeters in diameter. The total length of the earring measures 40 millimeters or 1.5 inches. The sides of the earring hooks have the typical French eagle heads for 18 karat.
A wonderful piece of historical and most wearable piece of jewelry and a true collectable.
Item Number D3491