Unique Birks Art Deco from ca 1920 blue and white zircon gold necklace set with 140 blue and 88 white zircons. Birks was known as the Tiffany of Canada. Created in 1879 in Montreal by Henry Birks, a contemporary of Louis Comfort Tiffany, he took a lot of his inspirations for his jewelry from Louis Comfort, his senior of 30 years. Both were intrigued by the mesmerizing look of zircons which they used in their creations during the 1920s and 1930s. The physical phenomenon of double refraction which is extremely prevalent in zircons, give this gemstone an almost hypnotic appearance. When looking into a zircon with magnification all facets appear in duplicate as the breaking of the lite or refraction is doubled. Perfectly matched in color, cut and clarity Birks has created an impressive and bold piece of jewelry with this necklace.

Length 16.5 Inch

Weight 69.11 Grams