This amazing specimen of a gem stone has been measured to weigh approximately 11 carats. The Spessartite Garnet - also known as Spessartine or Mandarin Garnet - is by far the most precious and valuable among the family of Garnets. In the color, saturation and clarity as this one, they are cherished as much as Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds among collectors. This perfectly cut and proportioned oval Spessartite exhibits a beautiful deep yellow-orange with incredible life and fire and is accompanied by a report from the GIA stating that it is natural and untreated. The masterfully created hand-crafted platinum mounting hold the center gemstone with 2 find eagle-claw prongs on each corner. Just beneath the girdle 12 perfectly matched bright white and sparkly oval brilliant cut diamonds embellish the Spessartite showing off a wonderful contrast of colors. The approximate weight of the oval diamonds has been calculated at 3 carats with an average color of F and a clarity of VS. Ring size 6, can be sized.
measurements of Spessartite:
length - 13.80 mm
width - 11.27 mm
measurements of ring:
length - 23.5 mm ( 0.93 in )
width - 19 mm ( 0.75 in )

Weight 14.98 Grams 


Item Number D3339