This important and quite unique 1950s baguette diamond pair of straight-line bracelets-necklace combination has been masterfully handcrafted in platinum. 120 perfectly matched baguette cut diamonds have been channel set in these 2 bracelets to create a river of white surrounding the wrists or neck if one chooses. Both bracelets measure 7.45 inches in length and, when combined, create a choker necklace of just about 15 inches long. The bracelets have been created technically with the option in mind to combine the bracelets into a necklace so that they both have the link space on one side to curve properly in one direction but at the same time lay straight on the wrist when worn. They can be fashionably worn next to each other to create a casual, stunning look or separate on either wrist. One of the bracelets has larger baguettes that taper down from the center to the ends, which is meant to be the front section of the necklace, as the other has slightly shorter baguettes with a lesser graduation. The longest baguettes have a length of over 6 millimeters, bringing the width of this bracelet to 8.1 millimeters at its' widest part. The approximate total diamond weight of both bracelets is 45 carats, with the colors ranging from F to G and the clarities from VVS to VS with a few very slight SIs. As it is hard to find the rough diamond to cut baguettes with a length of over 5 millimeters, this bracelet-necklace combination is truly a rare find. As opposed to emerald cuts, which have cut corners, baguettes can create a seamless, wonderful flow and look on the wrist without any spacing. A unique and wearable piece of precious period jewelry.
Item Number: D3607