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Piaget mechanical wristwatches from the 1970s have long become a collector item, besides being a beautiful piece of wearable jewelry. Among these the most sought after models are the ones with hard-stone dials such as Lapis Lazuli or Jade. The rarest dial has always been the ruby dial such as the one in this watch. Very few have been manufactured over the years and at the moment this one seems to be the only one available on the market. To find a corundum crystal - in this case a ruby - with no major crystalline inclusions which could open up to the surface and one with a uniform natural design as to make it appealing to the eye is extremely difficult to find. The crystal has to be pure enough as to be able to cut a thin slice without cracking or having fissures which open up to the surface. This ruby dial is just that and presents a wonderful harmonious contrast of color with the yellow gold wristband. Masterfully hand-crafted in 18 karat yellow gold the fine woven design brings out the utmost elegance in this watch. The extra thin Piaget movement makes this piece of jewelry a most comfortable and eye-catching wear. Fitted with an 18 jewel manual movement in working condition, the case and dial are embellished by 28 perfectly matched bright white round brilliant cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 1.40 carats.
The length of this watch is 7 1/8 inches or approximately 18.1 centimeters. The bracelet has been lengthened by a master jeweler (possibly by Piaget) with exactly the same design up to the minute detail, only visible after inspecting with a 10 power magnification. Signed Piaget on dial and movement with original Piaget clasp.

Weight: 71.9 grams
Dimensions: case 24 mm wide, 27 mm high ( long )
Movement: calibre 9P, 18 jewels, no. 7008567
Case numbered: 9814 D2, 188094

Item Number 4516