Unique turn of the century 18-karat gold lapis lazuli seal ring. The finely hand-engraved seal depicting the emblem of the Russian Empire depicts 2 eagles with a crown over them, an emblem of a knight on a horse in the center, and a cross and scepter in their claws. The seal measures approximately 1 inch in length and 0.75 inches in width and is set in a massive gold bezel and shank. The ring must have been a custom creation by Tiffany & Co, presumably for a minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to use as a seal in his or her ministry. The ring is stamped Tiffany & Co, 18K, along with a foreign importation mark. We chose to leave this ring in its original condition with the original patina - thus having surface scratches and minor dents. Much of it - not all - can be polished out or improved upon request.

Item Number 14220-10