This rare and gorgeous cushion brilliant, weighing 2.04 carats, not only has the highest color grade of D and highest clarity of Internally Flawless but also belongs to the rarest of pure diamonds classified as Type IIA. Only 1.8% of all mined polished diamonds belong to this elite class of diamonds, having no measurable amounts of nitrogen and boron impurities, making them the purest of all diamonds. Looking at such a diamond, one can immediately see the whiter and more intense brilliance compared to any other diamonds of the same color and clarity. Type IIA diamonds are typically associated with the famous ancient Golconda mine in India, where this unique crystal was first mined. This sparkling beauty of a cushion has the perfect ratio in length and, with a depth percentage of 56.2%, gives it a much larger spread and face-up than most other cushions with a similar weight. Accompanied by a report from the GIA and a separate report stating that this diamond is Type IIA. Set in a platinum polished ring mount which secures the diamond with 4 fine eagle claw prongs. Ring size 6 can be sized.

Item Number: AH-36