Finding Your Perfect Engagement Ring

The romantic bride will generally gravitate towards something traditional and elegant, but that doesn’t have to mean boring! If you find yourself drawn to small intricate details and classical silhouettes, don’t shy away from a more unusual setting. Vintage Art Deco engagement ring settings are a fantastic way to show off a stone of any size, the sophisticated designs of the band may make it a bit antalya escort & escort antalya  larger than modern rings, but don’t be intimidated by the proportion of the setting. The elegance of the setting will give off exactly the classically romantic antique vibe that you want.


If your aesthetic is more modern and edgy, an engagement ring with graphic details is probably for you. Think a 3 stone ring with a simple band, so that the focus is on the facets of the stones without too much distraction from an over the top setting. A great alternative to this would be a marquis diamond engagement ring and wedding band, like our Neil Lane Set. Something like this will draw attention towards the lines of the ring without distracting from the diamond, because the details all point towards the focus of the piece, the stone.


For something unique and adventurous, try to move away from the traditional diamond. Our Columbian Cabochon Emerald ring would look perfect on your ring finger. The stone is large and gorgeous, so it is definitely special enough to be the most important piece of jewelry that you’ll ever wear. If you want the look of something different but you aren’t quite ready to abandon the idea of a diamond all together, check out our selection of fancy and intense yellow engagement rings!


The minimalist bride may be the hardest to please. Try to move along similar lines as the modern bride in regards to being drawn to lines, but put the focus on one center stone. Try one of our Round Brilliant Cut or Old European cut GIA certified stones from our estate collection, set in a simple band or flanked with 2 baguettes for a clean and timeless look.