Burma Ruby Diamond Gold

Earring and Necklace Suite

98 step cut Rubies and 97 round cut Diamonds

18 Karat Yellow Gold

Cartier Golden Choker

331 round brilliant cut diamonds

Edwardian Jade Natural Pearl

Diamond Platinum Sautoir Necklace

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The Brand you can trust

Located in the heart of New York’s diamond district, Rive Gauche Jewelry specializes in estate, antique, and fine jewelry, offering a carefully curated selection at competitive prices.

The Bridal Collection offers a variety of hand-picked pieces of rare-estate jewelry that will highlight the happiest moments and create long-lasting memories. Take advantage of our complimentary sizing option by contacting us directly.

The Driving Force

We believe in building good-standing relationships with our clients, and are committed to helping you find the perfect piece for all occasions. From the subtly sophisticated pair of earrings to the bold and avant-garde necklace, each piece in our collection comes with its own unique story, and has been thoroughly inspected by our team of experts for quality assurance.

The Rive Gauche Original Collection offers original designs hand crafted by jewelers in the US, exclusively for Rive Gauche Jewelry in a small edition and only sold by Rive Gauche Jewelry. 

More than just jewelry

A piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory but a declaration of identity, and we hope to assist you with our expertise and longtime experience. 

In order to be legally considered an Antique in the United States, a piece of Jewelry must be 100 years old or older. Vintage jewelry must be at least 20 to 30 years old, meaning anything made earlier than the 90’s. It encompasses different specific period styles like Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, Mid-Century, Victorian and Edwardian. Art Nouveau, Victorian and Edwardian period pieces from the turn of the century are also already considered an antique.

Our Responsibility

We purchase all of our new diamonds from sellers who participate in the Kimberly Certification Process - established in 2003 to prevent diamond sales from financing the conflicts in Africa.

Our Designer Collection is comprised of some of the most beautiful creations within the trade, made over a variety of stylistic periods, signed by the original maker.