Do you offer appraisal services?

We do offer appraisals.We do not offer appraisals on items not purchased from Rive Gauche Jewelry. 

How long does sizing take?

Sizing can generally be done in a few days.

How Much Does Sizing Cost?

The first sizing is complimentary with the purchase of a ring. Each additional sizing is a subject to an estimate.

Can all of your rings be resized?

If a ring can be sized, it is generally stated in the description. If it is not stated, there might be still a possibility, but has to be decided on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us. 

Do you commission custom Work?

We do take custom orders when selling our own diamonds or gemstones. Custom orders require a 50% deposit and the rest upon completion. Custom orders are final sales. We would be happy to discuss your wishes and present you with sketches and models before starting the manufacturing process with our master jewelers, many of whom have worked for well known jewelry brands. 

Are your diamonds conflict free?

We purchase all of our new diamonds from sellers who participate in the Kimberly Certification Process - established in 2003 to prevent diamond sales from financing the conflicts in Africa. All of our vintage diamonds are original to their rings and are not associated with modern conflicts.

What is the difference between Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry?

In order to be legally considered an Antique in the United States, a piece of Jewelry must be 100 years old or older. Our items are described accordingly. "Estate" is any item that was previously owned. "Vintage" is a descriptive term for types of estate jewelry from a particular era, such as "Art Deco", "Art Nouveau", "Retro Moderne", "Victorian", and "Edwardian". All items with the word "Reproduction" or "Replica" in description are new pieces crafted in the style of a particular era. 

The Rive Gauche Original Collection offers original designs hand crafted by jewelers in the US, exclusively for Rive Gauche Jewelry in a small edition and only sold by Rive Gauche Jewelry. 

Do you have a storefront?

We do not have a storefront location. If you would like to see any of our pieces, you can make an appointment and visit us at our Midtown Manhattan Showroom.