Our unique mini sun burst earrings are an exciting addition to the lineup of Rive Gauche Jewelry original designs, offering a new and exciting versatility. These wearable sun bursts are fun and elegant and provide the perfect balance between bold and delicate. Available in 18 karat yellow or white gold and with diamond*, topaz, cabochon ruby, emerald, amethyst, or citrine, these earrings can be customized to fit any aesthetic.

Each piece is individually crafted with hand selected stones, so exact weights will vary, however the following chart is a close approximation to the carat weight of the stones that will be in the earrings.

Choose between these options, prices vary slightly according to stone

Diamond* 0.50-0.60 carats each  $3250
Ruby 0.70-0.85 carats each          $2500
Topaz 0.65-0.75 carats each         $1800
Amethyst 0.50-0.60 carats each   $1800
Citrine 0.50-0.60 carats each        $1800
Emerald 0.52-0.62 carats each      $2800

Black Diamonds 0.50-0.60 carats  $2800

*Acquired in NYC where all of our original jewelry is designed and manufactured, these lab grown diamonds are an ethical and responsible alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. They are chemically, physically, and aesthetically equivalent to natural diamonds without guilt.

Photo: Lara Downes at Brookly's iconic Saw Dust

Photo: Charismatic women took center stage tonight, ahead of #nationalsawdust ‘s upcoming episodes celebrating women in music from Clara Schumann to Meredith Monk. Presented by #wqxr, pianist Lara Downes ( featured in our #rivegauchejewelry column #irl , collaborated on stage sharing her inspiration: “what I took away from working on recordings on these strong women, who initiated change in their times, is that I wanted to become - like them - a role model, inspiring the little girl, that can discover that strength.. Lara is wearing the Rive Gauche Jewelry Sun Burst Earring . We are inspired by women like Lara !