A gorgeous antique cut lively antique cut cushion brilliant weighing 3.11 carats is the centerpiece of this platinum baguette diamond engagement ring. This diamond is full of fire and sparkle due to it's amazing cut and faceting. The true antique cushions were cut with a higher crown, smaller table and wider facets to create the unique brilliance and life as in this diamond. Cushion cut diamonds were first cut in the late 19th century and have again become popular in the past 20 years. They are now a rare commodity and not to be mistaken with the modern " cushion modified brilliant " cuts, which have a completely different character in life, fire and brilliance. Accompanied by a report from the GIA with a color grade of H and a clarity of VS1. Ring size 5.25 - can be sized. Alternately if you would like to help us create a custom setting we would be happy to with our expert jeweler and give you a credit for the original mounting.

Item Number: 14196-7