$14,400.00 $18,000.00

This unique ring was designed by Rive Gauche Jewelry and manufactured in New York. Every piece of jewelry we designed is monitored at every stage, from choosing the gemstones, creating the model, handcrafting the piece, and setting the stones. We chose a bright burgundy red Rubellite for this exceptional ring and had it re-cut to a beautiful 6.65-carat cushion. This lively red stone is set in a bezel of 18-carat yellow gold and surrounded by yellow sapphires ranging in shades of deep yellow at the top of the ring down to a lighter shade of yellow at the base of the shank. Each sapphire is meticulously set, giving the surface of the entire ring an amazingly smooth touch. The beautiful combination of deep red and various shades of yellow gives this ring a lively, chic, and elegant look, sure to attract the attention of all eyes in the room.

Height .65 Inch

Weight 8.91 Grams 

Item Number 4487