Beautifully designed and masterfully handcrafted, in an art that has been lost this beautiful necklace has the diamonds set in silver on a base or gallery of yellow gold. The two precious metals having two very different melting points need a true craftsman/artist to combine these two in a piece of jewelry. This technique was predominantly used in Europe and from the style of this necklace we believe it was made in England ca 1870 - the early Victorian period. While the necklace part is set with approximately 332 rose cut diamonds set in boxes and collets, the center section is set with 55 Old Mine cut diamonds and hanging as little pendants 21 Old European Cut Diamonds. The various cuts display a wonderful contrast in brilliance, color and fire in this exquisite necklace. The 21 larger Old European cut diamonds have been unset in order to have them graded by the GIA and all of them are accompanied by a report. The total diamond weight of these 21 diamonds is 20.54 carats with the individual diamonds ranging from 1.46 carats to 0.55 carats in weight. The 55 Old Mine diamonds have been calculated at a total weight of over 8 carats. The colors range from F to L on the 21 larger diamonds, with the average color being H to J and the average clarity being VS to SI. Such an important piece of jewelry must have been commissioned for a royalty at its time and is still today a devine and most extraordinary period piece of jewelry. Length is 15.5 inches or 39 centimeters. Should this be to short for some, we have had very good experiences in having out expert jeweler building extensions for the back of the necklace with a male and female endings so it easily clips into the existing original necklace ends.

Item Number: 14196-1