This exquisite Antique Cushion diamond was perfectly cut in the late 19th century. The cushion has been and still is, one of the most unique and desirable cuts and it is extremely rare to find an authentic old cushion, such as this one, with its original knife-edge girdle. The beautiful layout and wide, meticulously polished facets give this diamond an amazing play of light, fire, and sparkle. The unique cut also lets this diamond face up in color much whiter than the color grade given, which is graded on its side and not from the top of the stone. This cushion is accompanied by a report from the GIA stating the weight is 5.25 carats, the color K, and the clarity VVS2. To show off the full beauty of the stone, this diamond is simply set in a platinum mounting with four prongs. The ring size is now 5 and can be resized.

Item Number: 4488