Beautifully designed and masterfully handcrafted this whimsical owl brooch is a pure joy to look at. Extremely detailed and worked in 18-karat yellow gold, each section of feathers is finely hand-engraved in layers to create a lifelike and three-dimensional piece of art. The large eyes surrounded by beads of gold sparkle from the inner ring of bright white and lively round cut diamonds, with a bright red ruby bezel set as its pupil. The owl sits on a branch which is hugged by its detailed claws and its tail feathers showing beneath. Created in France in 1980, it is a wonderful, wearable piece of vintage art. Secured by a double pin clip on the back which is stamped with French makers marks an assay marks and also signed on the back of the branch " Made in France".

Width: 1.5 in (38.1 mm)Length: 1.25 in (31.75 mm)

Item Number: D3678