The "Cento" collection is Roberto Coins' most exclusive collection, with his patented round brilliant cut diamonds cut with 100 facets as opposed to the regular brilliant cut diamond having only 57 facets. Cento, the Italian word for 100 was chosen by Roberto Coin to create something 100 percent perfect. The additional 43 facets placed beneath the girdle give his diamonds an exceptional amount of brilliance and fire. This amazingly handcrafted platinum ring features a central diamond weighing 0.95 carats with 2 perfectly matched diamonds on either side weighing 0.51 carats each. All 3 diamonds are accompanied by a grading report from Roberto Coin giving them a color of G and a clarity of VVS2, as well as with a Certificate of Authenticity. The curved prongs extending from the artistically designed gallery of the ring secure the central diamond slightly higher than the 2 side diamonds, giving this ring a wonderful three-dimensional appearance. The top of the shank is set with a small bright white round brilliant cut diamond on both sides and the inside of the shank is set with a round ruby which is the sign of authenticity for Roberto Coin.

The inside of the shank is engraved " CENTO" and stamped Italy and 950 for platinum.

Ring size 5.75

Weight 6.26 Grams

Item Number 4515