Jewelry as Artform

During the 1940’s the art world would be best described as an intersection of so many different aesthetic and intellectual directions, including Symbolism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Futurism and many more. Mutually connecting this diversity - if there are any evident within its own contradictions – maybe a shared drive to get at the essence of something, to uncover archetypical fundamentals of form, felling and imagination. (Ken Johnson.)

Changing stylistic output in his own work consistently, during the 1940’s Picasso created a monumental series, titled: Woman in an Armchair, which exists in thirty experimental variations. 



Jewelry often features a bold and abstract “Retro Style”, developing the geometric dominance of the Art Deco, into its own decorative, modern baroque opulence, often found in heavy weighted yellow and rose gold.

Retro Ruby Diamond Pearl 18 Karat Rose Gold Ring

This unique and wonderfully designed Retro ring, from ca 1945 shows the distinct features of its time with its bold geometric and three-dimensional elements. Amazingly well hand-crafted in 18 karats rose gold this ring features 4 well matched pearls measuring approximately 4.5 mm each centrally set in a slightly curved line. On top and bottom of the pearls in a waved line of 24 square cut rubies and then 24 round cut diamonds beautifully framing the pearls and creating a wonderful element of tonal contrast.